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A collaborative effort bringing together individuals and organizations to revolutionize healthcare delivery and community well-being in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.







The Mission of the SPARKPITTSBURGH Initiative 

Our mission is to bring together an alliance of individuals and organizations who work together to transform healthcare in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. We are seeking visionary leaders to stand with us in support of value-based solutions, accepted clinical best practices, and positive innovations to drive impactful change, saving millions of lives and billions of dollars. When we work together to repurpose these savings  we can impact more lives by addressing community issues across our region.

Transforming Healthcare

At the heart of this initiative is forging powerful alliances that stands at the forefront of redefining healthcare. We are dedicated to prioritizing patient outcomes over the traditional volume-based approach.
Providing access quality and affordable healthcare guides every aspect of our work, inspiring us to challenge the status quo and transform the healthcare landscape into one that is more efficient, effective, and patient-centered.

You can stand with our important work by signing the SPARK

Investing in Solutions

We are bold enough to believe we can change healthcare but are humble enough to know we can not do so alone. This is why we champion investment in solutions that yield positively disruptive change and and community impact.
Right now, we are investing in an organization called Undue Medical Debt, one of the leading charitable organizations that help pay medical bills. They work tirelessly to end medical debt and ensure a future where everyone can access healthcare without fear
Please consider making a contribution to our campaign.

Our Inspiration

Harris Rosen and the Tangelo Park Story

Through his innovative leadership and forward thinking approach to healthcare, Harris Rosen lead his company to save over $500 million while ensuring high-quality care. He used these savings to uplift the Tangelo Park community in Orlando, FL.  Rosen is both a business partner and investor of PeopleOne Health.  We set a goal to scale his formula of generating healthcare savings and using a portion of the savings for community impact in our communities.

The SPARKPITTSBURGH Initiative aims to replicate this model, using healthcare savings to fund community projects and drive transformative change. Learn more from Ashley Bacot, the Health Plan Architect behind Rosen Hotel's innovative program:

Meet Our Executive Champions


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Our SPARKPITTSBURGH Executive Champions

We are working with dynamic leaders, and influencers across our region shape and share our work. Our goal? To amplify our work and enable a culture of wellbeing through engaging wellness activities inside of each of their organizations.

As part of their commitment,  SPARKPITTSBURGH Executive Champions are encouraged to Stand, Share, Support, Sustain.

Something Powerful

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Our Corporate and Community Partners

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Acknowledge the broken healthcare system and join efforts to drive change.
Portait of a blond girl getting streching her legs before running outdoors


Promote a culture of well-being through initiatives like the Fit City Challenge.


Contribute to relieving medical debt and support community health projects.
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Commit to ongoing investments in employee health and reinvest savings into value-based solutions.


SPARKAMERICA began as a community of individuals supporting one another through their health and well-being journey. We've grown into a world-class health and healthcare organization through more than two decades of innovation, growth, and bringing together the right pieces. Today, SPARKAMERICA is part of one of the more innovative healthcare organizations in America, PEOPLEONE Health.


PEOPLEONE Health owns advanced primary care centers, a proprietary behavior change tech and health coaching platform, and partners with trusted local health systems and others.


Saves employers up to 30% on healthcare spending organizations (verified by 3rd-party actuaries) and significant employee savings while providing world-class healthcare for all.


Incentives are aligned for everyone in our ecosystem: patients, doctors, care teams, client organizations, health systems, distribution partners, and entire cities.

Happy Customers

Members are thrilled and it is reflected in PeopleOne Health's customers satisfaction indicators leading  to a 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS)!