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A collaborative effort bringing together individuals and organizations to revolutionize healthcare delivery and community well-being in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Will you stand with SPARKPITTSBURGH in our mission to transform healthcare in Western Pennsylvania?


Commitment to Transformation: Together, we pledge to revolutionize healthcare, generate significant savings, and improve access to quality care while empowering individuals to lead healthy lives.

Standing with the SPARKPITTSBURGH Initiative, I pledge to:

  • Advocate

    for a healthcare system that seamlessly blends treatment and prevention the way healthcare should be done

  • Support

    solutions that produce significant savings for employers and employees by keeping people healthier.

  • Promote

    easy access to quality healthcare and essentials for wellbeing.
  • Empower

    individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle reaching meaningful life goals

  • Foster

    a local and national movement that generates healthcare savings used in part to fund solutions for important local challenges

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Sign & Share The SPARKPITTSBURGH Pledge

SPARKPITTSBURGH Executive Champions

Join the SPARKPITTSBURGH initiative as an Executive Champion and drive economic success while gaining unparalleled recognition and support for your company. This is a powerful and simple way to make a significant impact on our community, with a few straightforward commitments that bring substantial rewards.
We ask our Spark Pittsburgh Executive Champions to Stand, Share, Support, Sustain
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Stand - Personal Recognition

Commitment: Sign the SparkPittsburgh pledge.
Benefit: Get personally recognized in the initiative, showcasing your leadership and commitment to driving economic growth in Pittsburgh.

Share - Corporate Recognition

Commitment: Have your company sign up for the Fit City Challenge.
Benefit: Your company logo will be prominently displayed on the SparkPittsburgh website, identifying your organization as a champion of economic success.
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Support - Community Impact

Commitment: Make a personal or corporate donation to relieve medical debt and support community health projects.
Benefit: Not only will you be doing a wonderful thing for the community by alleviating medical debt burdens, but SparkPittsburgh will also provide your company with recognition, highlighting your contribution and commitment to social responsibility.

Sustain - Explore Alternatives 

Commitment: Learn how Harris Rosen dramatically changed healthcare for his employees and consider making similar investments in your employee's health.

Benefit:  Improve employee well-being and productivity by implementing proven, cost-effective healthcare strategies, ultimately contributing to your company's and the community's economic growth.


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Building a Foundation - What's next?

We know that if we all work together, we have the ingredients to transform healthcare in Western Pennsylvania leading to benefits for everyone in our region and beyond.

Stage 1

Build a group of advisory council members and begin engaging Executive Champions. We will share our story and mission with these champions allowing us to grow both the SparkPittsburgh Initiative and the Fit City Challenge.

Stage 2

Bring awareness and potential contributions to our community impact partner Undue Medical Debt who solve a major healthcare problem, personal medical debt. We will also implement, execute, and celebrate the Fit City Challenge as a catalyst for individual well-being and celebration of our realized dividends in economic prosperity and overall well-being in the region.

Stage 3

Prove that innovative healthcare solutions can generate significant savings for Western Pennsylvania, we will expand our initiative into a fund serving communities in across the country.